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10 Best Professional Steam Hair Straightener (Reviews) For 2021

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Best Professional Steam Hair StraightenerIf you have natural hair that you don’t want to destroy or you have a salon of your own, this list of professional steam hair straightener reviews should help.

Conventional flat iron straighteners use high heat and can soak up hair’s natural moisture. But a steam hair straightener adds moisture, and so the hair doesn’t become dry and fizzy.

The straighteners in the list vary in tank capacity, the material of the plates, temperature control, steam quality, and many other factors.

We put in 80 hours of research to analyze and review the USP and negative aspects of these straighteners.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Professional Steam Hair Straightener Reviews

We have chosen these 10 best steam flat irons based on both of their customer demands and the other features mentioned in our buying guide. Depending on different types of hair the best choice can vary among these products.

1. Magicfly professional steam Hair Straightener

The Magicfly is one of the best and affordable hair straighteners in this list of professional steam hair straightener reviews. It’s perfect for natural hair, keeps hair moisturized, and adds volume.Straightener Magicfly Professional Ceramic Straightening

Top Features of this steam hair straightener

1. 5 levels of heat

Temperature ranging from 300F to 430F in 5 different levels is suited for damaged, thin, and normal hair. However, you cannot expect outstanding performance on thick hair.

2. 3 levels of Steam control

You can match the steaming with different levels of temperature. Choose between high and medium steam flow, or you can turn it off completely.

3. Quick heating

It takes only 1 minute to heat the ceramic plate. So, you can finish up straightening your hair in about 15-20 minutes.

4. Automatic shutoff

Automatic shutoff feature saves you from an accident if you forget to switch it off. This is a bonus feature at this price range.

5. Bonus accessories

You get a comb, clips and small water bottle to refill the tank. A velvet sack is also included to carry these accessories.


  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • Ability to control temperature and steam flow
  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Can use without the steamer as well


  • No essential oil adding function

Final Verdict

Sometimes you might find hot water leakage. But you can solve this by removing the thin plastic covering on the plates. Other than that it looks like a budget-friendly professional hair straightener that does the work.

2. Xtava professional steam hair straightener

The Xtava hair straightener gives you a complete experience of steam hair straightening.

Unlike many other straighteners in the market, the steam flow is consistent with the amount of heating. It’s user-friendly and eliminates hair splits and breakage.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerStraightener Professional Tourmaline Straightening Adjustable

1. levels of heat

The temperature ranges from 300F to 450F and usable in 6 different settings. This gives more control for adjusting according to your hair type.

2. Automatic switch-off

1-hour auto switch-off feature is great to have if you are amongst those users who forget turning the straightener off.

3. Three levels of steaming

You get medium and high steaming options. So, if you are working at a higher temperature, you can quickly increase the steam flow. This will make sure that your hair is not fizzy and dry.

4. Tourmaline infused ceramic provides even heating

Tourmaline coated ceramic is durable and also evens out the heat across the plate. This is helpful to get uniform heating on your hair. Furthermore, tourmaline emits negative ions which are super healthy for your hair.

5. Comfortable gripping

The hair straightener has rubber padding on it that makes it easy and secure to grip.


  • Removable water tank for easy refill
  • The plate is crafted to protect hair from breakage and fizz
  • Suitable for most natural hair types
  • Uniform steam flow


  • No option for using essential oils in the water tank

Final Verdict

The 6 settings heating gives you more control over your treatment. And judging by the price, it’s the closest you can get to a professional straightener that does what it says.

3. HSI professional glider flat iron hair straightener

The HSI hair straightener is sleek and offers a steady flow of steam to make hair smooth and adding volume.

The unique specialty of the straightener is the ability to produce hot steam, which adds a lot of value to the product overall.

hsi professional glider flat iron hair straightenerTop features of this steam hair straightener

1. Comfortable handling

The outer part of the handle is covered with rubber matte, which is ideal for comfortable gripping and also makes sure that you don’t slip it on your body.

2. 6 levels of temperature control

You get 6 different temperature settings ranging from 140F to 450F. This is ideal for straightening light and thick hair.

3. Hot steam enhances hair care

Each time you close the plates, you get 350F steam bursting at your hair. Hot steam is useful for adding more moisture to your hair and hence decrease the chance of drying out or frizzy hair.

4. Automatic shutdown for safety

A 1-hour auto-shutdown feature ensures that your house is safe when you leave it running.

5. Ability to add argan oil

A lot of steam hair straighteners cannot process any amount of oils put into the water tank. However, with Mankami you can add 2-3 drops of argan oil with the water and then refill the tank.


  • Lockable plates for easy storing
  • Steady hot steam for moisturizing hair
  • Suitable for long, short, thin and heavy hair types
  • Can add oils


  • The water chamber is prone to breakage
  • The water tank can be tricky to find

Final Verdict

There might be some manufacturing issues as we found many users reporting about the water chamber breaking after a few usages. However, it might have been solved by now, and the price you are paying is justified by the quality of the iron and steam.

4. Remington wet 2 straight flat iron straightener

The Remington wet 2  straight is a handy straightener to have for a low budget. The unique infrared heating and adjustable steam outlet is a great combination.

As with any low-end steam hair straightener, you should be careful about hot water spilling.

Top features of this hair straightenerAlaboudi Infrared Steam Hair straightener

1. Adjustable steam outlet

The adjustable steam outlet helps you to steam your hair in the best possible ways. It provides negative ions and also heats up in just 30 second.

2. Infrared heating function

The infrared heating function helps to heat the hair quickly and has greater penetration power. You can expect long-lasting shine using this straightener.

3. Uniform heating

The ceramic tourmaline-infused heating element with floating plates ensure that your hair gets uniform heating. For styling your hair, this is what you want.

4. Kit extras

You get a glove and water bottle with the straightener.


  • Low cost
  • Heats hair fast and uniformly
  • Steam is healthy and can control the outlet
  • Easy hair styling


  • Adapter for US
  • Not dual voltage

Final Verdict

If you are not super obsessed with steaming, this can be an efficient hair straightener. For non-regular users, it’s best to buy a lower end hair straightener like this that can do the job.

5. MKBOO Salon professional steam hair straightener

We did hours of research to compile this list of best professional steam hair straightener reviews, and this particular product from MKBOO is top-notch and totally worth spending every dime.

The steaming and heating technology used in this straightener will enable you to gain silkier and frizz-less hair in no time.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerMKBOO Salon professional steam hair straightener

1. Ceramic plate for even heat distribution

The reason for gaining silky hair lies in the ceramic plates. These plates evenly distribute heat to your hair, so there is less chance of splits and breakage.

2. 5 levels of temperature settings

You can adjust the temperature from 300F to 450F in 5 different levels. This is great for long and bulky hair.

3. Titanium floating plates for fast straightening

Titanium floating plates is the real USP of this device. This is the feature you want in a professional hair straightener.

This allows you to decrease passes and straighten more hair in less time. The result is less damage to the hair.

4. Unique hair styling with removable comb teeth

You can use the removable comb teeth to style your hair when you are steaming. This is totally fun.

5. Massive water tank

You can load up to 40ml water inside the tank that will help you straighten your hair with just 1 refill.


  • Full professional level steam straightening
  • Unique functionalities keep hair healthy and silky
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 30 seconds
  • Needs fewer passes compared to conventional steam hair straighteners


  • A little heavy than normal straighteners

Final Verdict

The overall quality and build of the device is amazing. The water tank capacity and floating titanium plates make this straightener a must-have for every woman regardless of hair types.

6. Furiden Ceramic steam iron hair straightener

The Furiden Ceramic steam iron is one of the best professional steam hair straighteners with maximum capacity to change the temperature to exactly suit your hair type.

Some of its unique features are quite rare in hair straighteners at this price.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerFuriden Ceramic steam iron hair straightener

1. 38 levels of temperature

In between 250F to 450F, you will get 38 levels of temperature setting that you can use. This a high standard feature that makes the device suitable for professional use.

Due to such a broad range, you can experiment and adjust to the right temperature that your hair needs specifically.

2. Fast heating

The temperature rises pretty fast in this device and makes it ready in just 15 second.

3. Saves steam wastage

When you select a specific temperature and start ironing right away, the steam will come only when that temperature is reached. This unique feature saves steam and refilling counts.

4. Adjustable voltage

Dual voltage helps you adjust voltage according to any location in the world.

 5. Choice for Traveling

Furiden professional steam hair straightener is the best for traveling.


  • High range of temperature settings for custom hair treatment
  • Efficient steaming
  • Suitable for natural hair and colored hair
  • Keeps the natural moisture of the hair intact
  • LED digital display for temperature
  • Automatic switch-off option


  • X

Final Verdict

Other than the ability to switch off automatically, we think this straightener has some of the best features in this list. Make sure you turn it off every time after you use it.

7. kipozi professional titanium flat iron hair straightener

Kipozi straightener most suitable for home use.It used advanced PTC ceramic heater that assured the optimum styling temperature at all times for ultimate.If you have been looking for straightener in this list of professional steam hair straightener reviews, then Kipozi professional titanium  hair straightener is the best we have.

kipozi professional titanium flat iron hair straightenerTop features of this steam hair straightener

1. 3D tooth comb distributes heat evenly

The 3D tooth comb looks like bristles, and it is perfect for distributing heat equally to all parts of your hair.

2. Fast heating

You can expect the Comb teeth to reach maximum heat at just 90 seconds. The ceramic material here does the trick and also provides smooth heating.

3. Anti-scald device for protection

To avoid any accident from burns, there is a scalding device surrounding the heating teeth.

4. Temperature settings

Standard temperature range of 380F to 450F makes it suitable for most hair types. There is a safety auto off after 90 minutes of non use.

5. Suitable for Traveling

You can to carry anywhere in the world easily. It’s made a dual voltage that’s compatible for travel.If you looking for the  best travel hair straightener of our list you can buy it.


  • LCD display for temperatures
  • Automatic shut off after 90 minutes
  • High-quality comb teeth for even heating
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Dual voltage


  • X

Final Verdict

All in all, this straightener is a good value for money. Some users might not like comb straighteners, but it depends on individual preference.

8. Amaxy Professional Titanium Hair Straightener

For users who are scared of any leakage or dripping of water from hot steam, the Fentac steam hair straightener is perfect. The straightener will prevent fizz and snagging of your hair.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerAmaxy Professional Titanium Hair Straightener Flat Iron

1. Amaxy Titanium to reduce leakage

This technology transforms water into steam very quickly and reduces the chances of spilling.

2. Cool mist eliminates the chance of burn

Some users might not like a cool mist, but this is great for maintaining safety. Many hot steamers malfunctions and might drip hot water over your body. So, using this steamer will eliminate that chance totally.

3. 6 levels of temperature

You can select 6 temperature settings between 350F to 450F. Users are very satisfied with the smooth and silky finish of the straightening.

4. Flash heating system for fast heating

It takes just 30-40 seconds for the straightener to get hot enough so you can get started. The flash heating system is the key here.


  • Prevents leakage and scalding
  • Cool mist for moisturizing and protection against burns
  • Fast heating
  • Korean nano silver and tourmaline reduces burns


  • Cannot add essential oil
  • No automatic switch-off feature

Final Verdict

If you really love the feel of cool mist on your hair, this is the straightener you were looking for. The heating is fast enough and does exactly what it says.

9. Alture professional steam hair straightener

If you have been looking for professional steam styler reviews, the Alture should be a perfect fit. You can straighten and curl your hair with this device.

In such a low price, the manufacturer has managed to provide effective features.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerAlture professional steam hair straightener

1. Atomizing technology for healthy hair

The straightener comes with atomization technology. This helps in fast steaming and constant spraying of negative ions good for hair health.

2. Auto switch-off

If you forget to turn the switch off, no need to worry. It turns off automatically after 1 hour.

3. Unique comb teeth

The teeth comb is great for styling your hair and also ensure that hair is not knotting.

4. Adjustable temperature

It has a temperature range from 350F to 450F. You can view the current temperature on an LCD screen.

5. Curved plate for curling hair

The plate has a curve to it that makes it easier to curl your hair. This is a unique feature that will help straight hair girls to curl their hair for parties and dates.


  • Ability to straighten and curl your hair
  • Negative ions for healthy steaming
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Comb teeth for detangling hair


  • The comb might not be of high quality.

Final Verdict

This is a straightener for every stylish girl who wants to play with their hairstyle.

10. Furiden professional steam straightener with floating plates

In any professional steam styler reviews, Furiden will always take the top place. This hair straightener is helpful for styling your hair the way you like.

Lots of small temperature setting gives you more control to adapt to the right temperature your hair needs.

Top features of this steam hair straightenerFuriden professional steam straightener with floating plates

1. Ceramic tourmaline makes for fast heating

The ceramic tourmaline plate is durable and also heats in just 15 seconds. This gives you the opportunity to finish straightening your hair in no time.

2. High control over temperature

From 265F to 450F, you can change the temperature at 5 degrees. This is a huge addition and gives you a lot of control over your styling.

3. Floating plates for uniform heating

Floating plates ensure that your hair gets even heat. This is also essential for styling as it prevents snagging.


  • 40 days money-back guarantee
  • Safe and controlled styling
  • High steam flow for moisturizing hair
  • Automatically shuts off


  • Cannot add essential oil

Final Verdict

This straightener is a great value for money. You also get accessories like clips and bottle with it. However, we think if you are buying a Furiden straightener go for the one we listed before in this review. For simplicity, you can stick with this.

Buying Details for Steam Hair Straightener

For choosing the best steam straighteners, you need to know which steam hair straighteners are suitable for your hair. Basically, you need to look out a few things to determine which steam hair straighteners are going to give you the best results.

So this buying guide intends to help you pick up the right straightener from our 10 best professional steam hair straightener reviews.

The certain things that you need to take into consideration are as follows:

Plate Material

The first thing that matters is the plates of a steam iron. Because this is the part that heats up and does the look.

These plates are made of different materials like ceramic, titanium, Tourmaline, or other materials. Titanium should be the first choice if you are looking for a flat iron that heats up fast, long-lasting and that weighs lighter than the other materials.

But the drawback of this material is its higher price. Ceramic heats up little slower, but it holds the heat longer than titanium, giving you a fantastic smoother finish while removing most frizz.

Tourmaline is the best for those who want an extra shine with their straight and soft hair. But since this is a newly invented material for hair straighteners and it’s not that available material. So, it’s quite expensive.

Hair Texture

Your hair texture has a role to play while choosing the best steam hair straightener. Depending on the hair texture, you can decide which way you want to straighten your hair and how much heat you are going to need for this.

For example, if you have naturally straight hair, then Tourmaline ionic flat irons can be a good go for you.

On the other hand, if you have curly or wavy hair, then titanium made plates would reduce your hassle a lot.

Temperature Settings

A steam hair straightener still needs to have temperature control settings because you will not always require high heat for your normal hair. Especially if you have dyed your hair, then you might be needing lower heat.

Automatic Shutoff

Some of the steam hair straighteners come with the automatic shutoff feature. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about any scary accidents while running it through your hair.

With this feature, that will never be your concern anymore. You can leave your home without worrying about the straightener burning down your house.

Floating plates

If you are considering a steam iron for your natural hair, then you should look for this feature in a steam iron.

Stationary plates aren’t going to flex or move along with the thickness of your hair. As a result, you would unwantedly have to apply heat and steam to your hair strands over and over again causing extreme damage.

A floating plate will help the plate floating and moving with the thickness of your hair across the entire plate.

Weight and Grip

It is really not worth it if you can’t use it properly with ease. Weight and grip is thus an important thing to consider while buying your flat iron. Heavy models can be quite inconvenient for prolonged use.

The grip should be comfortable in your hand. If you have a smaller hand, pick a model with a smaller grip, and if you have a bigger hand, you can opt for a larger grip.

Brand and Pricing

A lot of manufacturers these days are manufacturing hair straighteners. Some differ by the features while some other vary only by the price offering the same features. It is hard to say mention particular brands for hair straighteners nowadays. There are some brands more preferable compared with others like the ones in our best professional steam hair straightener reviews list.


How does it work?

Steam iron works differently than the regular hair straighteners. It uses vapour infusion to inject moist in your hair, whereas regular flat irons often make your hair dry and brittle over time.

Does it damage lesser than a regular flat iron?

Yes! Unlike much regular hair straightener, a flat steam iron will cause much lesser damage to your hair strands. Because steam irons infuse hydration on your hair with and such moisture will prevent the damages from high temperature.

What makes it different from a regular hair straightener?

A lot of things- to be honest. With the fantastic hydrating formula steam flat irons will give you extra silky and shiny hair without even using any chemical.

Moreover, the most beautiful thing about this flat irons is that you can add hair oils to your steam water tank.

For smoother and silkier hair, you can add some drop of Argan oil in the water tank, or you can add some essential oils for fresh smell as well.

We also review the best facial steamer If you feel like you can enjoy these.

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