PMD Microdermabrasion Reviews In 2021

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You want to get rid of hyperpigmentation and take care of your skin! But unfortunately, you’re not a Kardashian with a golden bank account. Well, that’s okay. That’s not the end of the world! We made this PMD  Microdermabrasion Review and find out if it really works. Because we think it can really help you rejuvenate your skin without spending a considerable amount of money.

PMD Microdermabrasion Review

So, What our PMD Microdermabrasion Review is all about? This is a simple handheld device that you can use at home for close to professional dermabrasion value. When we first got to know about this device, we got straight into researching on PMD microdermabrasion reviews. Most of the users and review we have seen speaks of the positive outcomes of PMD. But you need to know the proper way of using this because there are possibilities of serious skin damage otherwise.

In this post, we will get into details of PMD microdermabrasion from the way it works, our personal testing experience to our final verdict on whether or not to go for it. Almost all PMD microdermabrasion reviews say- This device is fairly affordable and offers various advantages to users who have sun damage, dark spots and lots of pores. This PMD Microdermabrasion Review is a comprehensive review of this device, so will start from the basics. If you think it’s worth the money then go ahead and buy it. But remember you should know what this device is capable of and what not!

Getting started with our PMD Microdermabrasion Review

Let’s get to know about the product. It’s a handheld microdermabrasion device, and the primary function of this is to exfoliate the outer skin layer. So, the skin is stimulated and causes new skin cells to grow. The Utah based company Age sciences Inc produces PMD device in several variations like PMD classic, plus, pro, and men. The functionality remains of all these variations remains the same.

The only difference is an additional coarse disk set in plus, pro, and men.  The gadget is small enough to hold in your hand comfortably. You will get a DVD with this demonstrating how to use it. There’s loads of PMD microdermabrasion demonstration video on the internet. But the DVD and the guide on the official website is enough to get started.

This is what you get with PMD personal:PMD personal Microderm all age

  • The PMD device
  • 2 caps (one large-cap for body and one small-cap for the face)
  • A white training disc
  • Green, Blue, red and black discs (variations depend on the model of PMD you choose)
  • The reusable filter
  • Training DVD
  • Ac adaptor

The body-size and face-size discs are a great advantage. You can use this not only on your face but on any surface of your body where you can reach. To get started first insert the small washable filter underneath the disc and screw on the plastic guard. There’s an on and off switch. And that’s how easy to use it.

PMD Microdermabrasion Review Reveals How It Works

Before you read out the PMD microdermabrasion reviews to learn how it works, you need to know about microdermabrasion first. Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that is used professionally for skin care. Aluminum oxides are sprayed over the skin which helps to remove dead skin cells. Finally, the vacuum clears away the leftovers.PMD Microdermabrasion Review

The PMD personal device is a portable version of a professional microdermabrasion. Here, the crystals are not sprayed over the skin. There is a disk coated with such crystals which spins and scrubs the skin.

When you use facewash at home, you cannot clean all the dead cells of your outer skin. PMD microdermabrasion helps in deep scrubbing so that new skin cells can grow. The vacuum suction circulates blood to the top layer of skin. This causes your skin to glow and heal the wears and tears.

We recommend using the training disc as it helps to test your initial tolerance level. If you don’t use it, circular skids might develop on your skin. You don’t want that, do you? If you believe you have sensitive skin, you can use the sensitive disc that comes along or stick with the medium disc for deeper cleaning.  The only issue we found here is there is no controlling mechanism for the vacuum. So you cannot control the amount of suction when you use this machine.

PMD Microdermabrasion Cuts Additional Costs

In our PMD microdermabrasion review, we suggest to use it once in a week. Excessive use can cause damage to your skin. If you go with the recommended usage, one disc will last 1 month. In that case, you need replacements. If all goes well, you will be spending just less than $100 a year as an additional cost for buying the discs.

The discs come in a pack of six which includes 4 face-size and 2 body-size discs and an O-ring for just a few bucks. You will also need to spend a little on the moisturizer and toner which you can get from your nearest pharmacy or from online. On average these will cost less than $20.If you are too much skeptical about the life span of this machine, you can extend the warranty 18 months for just $40.

This Is What We Found When We Tested This Device

Our first impression

For testing this device one of our team members agreed to volunteer. She had sensitive skin and lots of wrinkles. So, we thought it would be a good idea to test it on her. She was happy to get treated! The PMD device was very easy to use and required very little technical knowledge. We watched the DVD before the test and also other videos posted by people who gave PMD microdermabrasion reviews.PMD Microdermbabration all in one

Judging by the size of this tool and just how easily you can get professional skin care at home we think it’s one of the best skin care device on the market. We run the test for 3 weeks which means we used it 3 times on our volunteer’s face in 3 weeks. Changing and cleaning the discs was reasonably easy. We loved how it gripped around the fingers.

Let’s get on week 1 results.

Week 1 test

Our volunteer Lisa was ready to use this device. She washed her face thoroughly, so no extra oils are on the skin. What we observed was the difficulty in maintaining the suction of the device especially when applying on the face. The treatment is painless and will you a feeling of skin layer being peeled off. The parts of the face where there is more bone like the nose and forehead were very challenging to apply as the suction force was less there.

what we found after the first test

After about a day we could notice a considerable change in our volunteer’s face. She had a tan on her face most probably from sunburn. But that was gone.

Can we just say the device worked?

Yes, it worked. No matter which brand of skin care products you use, you will never get such results. Previously the skin tone of her face was very inconsistent. But the initial use of the PMD brought consistency in her skin tone. The skin looked brighter than before. A thing to note is your skin will become tight and dry after you use this.

So make sure you have a toner and moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Or use the PMD moisturizer which we used and worked fine. You also need to move the device fast enough and failing to do so can create red marks on your face. We didn’t try on the neck and chest. But we are sure it will work just perfect in those areas too.

Week 2 test

Our volunteer Lisa was very excited on the second session of our testing. It looked like using the device became easier on the second attempt! This might be because of the muscle memory people develop when handling anything in a particular pattern. In this test, the skin didn’t become as sensitive as on the first attempt, which is good.

The PMD moisturizer again did a good job bringing back hydration to the skin. One day after the test we observed very little dryness on the skin and the glow as usual. So we can say this device can help you decrease your skin’s dryness if not completely get rid of it.

Week 3 test

This is the final test we did on our volunteer Lisa in the 3rd week. The results were positive, and almost all of the dead skins seemed to go off.PMD Microdermabrasion Review test As we progressed to the third week, we thought of using a harsher disc to test the results. Some red marks were left from this test but lasted just a few days.

We cannot praise highly about the toner and cleanser that you get with PMD device. But the moisturizer was awesome! We think if you go from mild to rough week by week slowly, you can get better results. And you’re skin also needs to adjust to the process if you have never done microdermabrasion before.

What’s Good in PMD Microdermabrasion?

From our experience and analyzing the PMD microdermabrasion reviews we identified a handful of good things and negative things about the device. We will get to the negatives on the next section, first let’s talk about the pros. One of the best things about this device is that it’s more affordable than the professional microdermabrasion tools, and you can carry it anywhere you want.

It doesn’t take enormous time to learn how to use the tool which is great for average home users. As mentioned before, you get a white training disc which allows you to get familiar with the machine. Once you are done with the trial, you can go for the actual discs. We absolutely loved this feature! The device is suited for sensitive to more rougher skin type as you get to choose between discs, i.e., you get to choose the amount of exfoliation.

We would say it’s the holy grail of skin care because almost immediately after the first use you get to see results. Regular use weekly will make your skin tone consistent, and lessen the fine lines. Most users of PMD got softer skins, and the acne scars were seen to minimize on 3-4 uses. It’s also very effective for removing blackheads.

Despite the device being intended for home use, the suction is powerful enough to suck away the old skin and dirt from the skin. If you are totally new to microdermabrasion, you don’t need to worry about using it. There are tons of PMD microdermabrasion reviews and demonstration videos available. The manufacturer also provides pretty helpful information and guides for new users.

What’s Not Good in It?

We are very pleased with the results of the device, but there are certain negative sides that we have found. These will not affect the final outcome of using the PMD machine. There are two issues with the suction. We found complaints from users that the suction stops working after a few months, although the disc still works. If this bothers you a lot, you can make a quick calculation on the expense if you opt for professional dermabrasion once a month.

Let’s do the math. You get one PMD machine for $160 and can use it for 3 months before the suction stops working. But if you go once a month to the spa, it will cost you around $100. 3 months and you will spend $300. This should justify this negative side a little. The second issue with the suction is you can’t change the suction force. This is a disadvantage for users who have very sensitive skin and wants the suction at a low intensity.

Some users also experienced situations where the device would not work without the charger being attached. But you can always ask for a replacement. The company is very fast in fulfilling replacement requests. There are chances of minor scratches when using on the bony areas of your face like the nose, cheek or jaws. So you have to be careful about that or ignore on those spots.

Our Opinion on This Innovative Device

We like to make a point here. This device will give you close to professional dermabrasion at an affordable price. But then again you will not get perfect results. What we think is the ability to take care of your skin from the comfort of your home and on a regular basis. If you have skin issues you need to consult with a dermatologist before getting your hands on the PMD. After testing out, we have seen positive results on our volunteer’s skin.

It can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. So always put on sunscreen when you go out. We really don’t want to compare it with other similar devices on the market. Because we simply can’t. It’s so simple to use especially for beginners. We saw large pores to shrink and long-lasting positive effects on the skin. For best results use it during the night and make sure to hydrate your skin with moisturizer.

If you can get someone else to do the scrubbing, the chances of red spots will be a lot lesser. Because certain areas of your face and body are hard to reach. For people with too much sensitive and too much dry skin, we would not recommend this. But anything in between will get positive results from this awesome device. If you use it and don’t get the desired results you are looking for, don’t be disheartened. Because not all skin types are suitable for the PMD toolkit. If you have rougher skin, you probably would need rougher treatment. Same goes for people who have super sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts.

The skepticism we had prior to testing this device are all gone now. This device works like magic if you have the right skin suited for use. The few negative sides we observed are hardly big enough to make a difference. We intend to make this PMD microdermabrasion review as transparent and practical as possible. Aging can be a great problem for beautiful women like you. But the PMD device makes it easier and affordable for you to make your skin look younger and better than ever!

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