Olay Regenerist Cleansing Brush Reviews In – 2021 With Buyer’s Guide

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Tired of searching for the Olay Regenerist Cleansing brush reviews?

olay regenerist cleansing brush reviewsThere’s not a lot of sources that you can rely on for validating the benefits of this device. So we did the hard work for you! This cleansing system is one of the most popular in America because of its low price and superior functionalities.

If you are looking to clear makeup from your face on a regular basis and want your anti-aging skincare products to work at their best, this device is totally worth buying. We did quite a lot of research to find the best and worst sides of this cleansing system. And if you ignore the few minor issues we listed, it’s a valuable skincare asset to keep with you.

What’s best about this innovative brush tool?

The Olay Regenerist cleaning brush tool is best because of a number of reasons. In such a price you will hardly get such quality and functionality. Facial-Cleansing-Olay-Regenerist-Exfoliato If we compare it to similar expensive cleansing systems like Clarisonic, we could find hardly any difference. The only difference we found is the automatic timer settings that were not available in Olay Regenerist brush.  But in a fraction of the price of brush devices like Clarisonic, we would choose Olay Regenerist any day. The design and overall feel of the brush are gentle on the skin. This makes it best for daily use!

Getting to know the Olay Regenerist cleansing brush

Olay has been on the top for quite some time now for producing innovative skincare products that work. Their products are tried and tested for years. This Cleansing brush by Olay is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hands. The brush bristles are fine and don’t hurt any bit even if you use them more than once a day.

Here’s what you are going to get:

  • Two brush heads
  • 2 AA batteries

That’s it! Nothing more. You will find the place to insert batteries into the bottom of the handle. Just slide those in, and you’re ready to use it!

A single brush should last for 3 months. That means once to buy this brush tool, you could forget changing brushes for 6 months. 180 days of full scrubbing and cleaning your face sounds fun!

How does it work?

The Olay Regenerist cleansing’s brush working process is quite simple. When you turn it on, the brush revolves at a speed of 350 times per minute. So anything you apply on your skin like skin cleansers or facewash will reach properly to every area of your skin. The rotating function of the brush helps to mix the cleansers and scrub your skin in the best possible way. 

If you still have a doubt over such cleansing systems, we would like to say your skin will clean 4 times more than using naked hands. The overall process should take you a little more than a minute. You can also swap between speed settings like deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation- whichever suits your skin!

What values your likely to get from this device?

Analyzing the Olay Regenerist cleansing brush reviews, we found this device to offer the following values:

  • Mild treatment of skin with the help of a rotating brush. The device acts as a massager that gentle on the skin and yet abrasive enough to feel the difference.
  • When you use moisturizers that have anti-aging ingredients like Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, in most cases, your skin is not prepared for absorbing them. This brush maximizes the hydrating benefits of your moisturizers, and so the ingredients absorb better. If you used anti-aging products before and nothing worked for you, we recommend using this brush tool for maximum effectiveness.
  • Probably the number value you’re going to get out of this brush cleansing system is its ability to clean heavy makeup from your face. Yes, you can skip the makeup remover completely and save yourself time to add value to your daily routine.

Top features we found from Olay Regenerist cleansing brush reviews

Additional brush head

As we mentioned earlier, you get two brush head with this cleansing system. The lasting period is quite high if you consider using it once every day. The brush design is totally crafted by expert dermatologists, so you can feel safe and count on its functionalities.

Two-speed settings for soft and rough skin

There are two buttons to swap between two-speed settings. One is for deep cleansing. This mode has a higher speed and enables you to get rid of makeup or heavy dirt from your skin. If you are using moisturizer or facewash, you can choose the gentle exfoliation option. This mode acts gentler on your skin.


The device is small, and you can carry it comfortably on the go. Whether you’re in the office or traveling, you can keep it with you without issues.


  • Clean regular makeup and dirt from your skin pores in quick time.
  • Increase the absorption capacity of anti-aging moisturizers.
  • The device is small in size and easy to grab in your hands.
  • Option to choose between deep and gentle cleansing.
  • Longer brush lifespan.
  • Suited for dry, flaky or soft skin!
  • Can use every day with no safety issues.


  • Brush size is small as a result needs little more time than other expensive cleaning systems.
  • Might require more than one use in a day to completely get rid of heavy makeup (if you don’t use a makeup remover before using this)

Our Final analysis of Olay Regenerist cleansing brush reviews

Judging by the features and benefits that you’re going to get from Olay Regenerist cleaning brush, it seems the device is worth paying for.We found the best way to use this brush is to first clear your makeup with any makeup remover you have. This is a trick you can use to increase the lifespan of the brushes. But you can always go directly into removing the makeup.The Olay cleanser cream or cleanser scrub that you can buy along with this device works perfectly.Check Price

Just dampen your face and apply the olay cleanser cream and start brushing your face. Anything from 1-2 minutes of daily brushing will clean anything you have on your face.We loved the cleansing system because of how simple it is. If you are still using your hands to scrub your face, you are wasting time and even compromising the benefits of anti-aging ingredients of the moisturizers.Women above the age of 60-70 can also use it without any risk. If you have rosacea, using the Olay cleanser cream with the brush should eliminate the red marks. As the brush has gentle bristles, it will feel relaxing on aging skin.

We definitely recommend this product which is the best you can get in this price range.


Last few thoughts…

We have also reviewed Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System devices earlier. Those works like wonder. To be realistic, you can’t get much better value from a skincare device in this price range. Though you can choose similar products in this category that are priced higher. Our Olay Regenerist cleansing brush reviews are totally focused on providing ladies a skincare device of great value.

Once you start using this regularly, you will see visible changes and glow on your face!

So who’s holding you back?

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