Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Reviews In 2021- Buyer’s Guide

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Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Reviews


Looking for nano ionic facial steamer reviews?

We got only one and the best Pure Daily Care nano facial steamer for you! It’s the most popular in America and for a number of good reasons. You can get the more expensive nano steamers, but we can argue that those would offer you the same value at this price.

This home steamer can do magic for your skin. Once you use it, your skin pores will open up. When you apply your favourite skincare products, they will work better.  The device is carefully manufactured serving as an alternative to professional spa devices. Yes, it’s that good.

Get your yourself regular spa experience with Pure Daily care nano steamer. Sinus and pores goodbye forever!

Here’s why we choose this device!

Why did we choose Pure Daily care nano ionic facial steamer for review?

As you know we try to bring you the best skincare products that are affordable and which you can use from the comfort of your homes.Nano Steamer Reviews Facial steamers are a great way to care for your skin. So we thought to research this and pinpoint a single facial steamer that could do it all. We took 3 things under consideration when we analyzed nano ionic facial steamer reviews:

  • Affordable price
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Ease of carrying

We found quite a lot of facial steamers which were good enough but didn’t really meet our requirements. At last, we came across Pure Daily care nano facial steamer and to our surprise, we could find all those listed 3 factors in it.

With a price below $50 and the 3-in-1 functions built into the device, no facial steamer can beat this. The steamer is small in size also which means you can carry it easily with you. You will get close to professional steaming benefits all at the comfort of your home with this amazing nano steamer.

Let’s know about the manufacturer “Pure Daily Care” and why they are so good?

Pure Daily Care heavily relies on research to provide the best skin care alternatives. We looked upon their other products too, and it seems they use the most advanced technology to manufacture their skin care devices. A major feature of their devices is they are quite affordable. Their focus is to create products that can replace appliances found in spas.

So, with a fraction of the price of spa appliances, you are getting top-class home skin care devices at home. We really loved the idea of this organization. They are truly concerned about consumers who want to save money and yet want to take care of their skin in the best way possible.

What included in the package?

The Pure Daily Care Nano steamer package includes the following:

  • The 3-in-1 nano steamer.
  • A water pouring cup to refill the reservoir
  • Power cord
  • User manual for setting up and cleaning guide.

How does this home steamer work?Nano Lonic boiling Water

The Nano steam machine by Pure Daily Care uses two technologies. Though it looks like normal vapour coming out but it’s better than boiling water that you can make at home. It uses a heating element to heat the water first. There is an ultrasonic vaporizer that creates nano steam and provides negative ions to the steam.

Don’t worry! It’s nothing dangerous. In fact, it’s more beneficial to your skin. When you go to the beach or around any waterfalls, you are surrounded by lots of negative ions. That’s the reason you feel calmer or more energized in such conditions. When this steam comes in contact with your skin, you will feel more relaxed, and your skin pores will open up pretty fast.

Best way to use this nano steamer

You can read the user manual included with the device and set it up easily. We took several nano ionic facial steamer reviews under consideration and found the following way to be the best to use this machine:

  • To get started fill the water reservoir and place it back in. Just turn the device on now and wait for the steam to appear.
  • Before applying the steam, we think it’s best to use an exfoliating cream to clean to your facial skin first. This is highly effective, but you can skip it too.
  • The steam should appear in just about 30 seconds and reach its peak at about minutes or less. A 5-minute session of steam should be more than good to your skin pores to open.
  • Once you are done with steaming, you can use surgical grade blemish and blackhead extractor that comes with this device. If you have pimples, you can extract them too. Because your skin is soft now.
  • Finish it up by washing your face thoroughly and applying any other skin care lotion you have.

Who needs this device?

We added this section to prove just how versatile this machine is. First, you need to be clear that this steamer is not just for everyone. Judging by the features, this device is primarily best suited for people who are looking for facial steamers for facial cleaning. Can other professional steamers beat this? We doubt it. The reason is Pure Daily Care set up the temperature and nature of the steam to help to do skin care at home. If you are like most women who have large pores blocked by dirt and makeup, this nano steamer is perfect for you.

The ionized steam softens your pores. As a result, any dirt or makeup materials get released quickly.  This is not the end. The number 1 reason why we would recommend using this machine is that your skin will become very favorable to absorb any lotion or skin care product you apply after the steaming.  In most cases, skin care products don’t work because your skin has become unresponsive to absorb anything. If this is the case with you, then go for it. Let’s talk about another type of people who could benefit from this device.

As you can use it as a humidifier, you can steam up a small region of your home. That’s enough to avoid going to spas for steaming sessions. Interestingly if you are a cat owner who has cats with respiratory or sinus issues, this steamer is absolutely perfect for you. You can use both the facial steamer or humidifier setting to clear your cat’s nasal discharge easily. The temperature of the steam is very suited for such purposes.

Top 8 Features of Pure Daily care facial steamer

3-in-1 Multipurpose use

You can choose between 3 options when using this steamer- Facial steamer, warm towel, and humidifier. The warm towel setting allows you to moisten your towels in the towel chamber of the machine.

The humidifier produces a cool mist that you can use to steam a particular region of your home.  And lastly, the facial steamer which we have talked about produces hotter steam suited for facial skin care.

Large capacity to hold water

Other steamers in this category often come with just 80-100 ml reservoir. Despite the small size of this machine, it can hold 200 ml of water. This is enough to produce steam for about 30 minutes. The steam volume is also steady, so it’s pretty satisfying to use this steamer.

Negative ion steam

As we talked about this before, the steam has negative ions. This is a unique feature of the Pure Daily care nano steamer that puts well above its competitors. The moisture absorption capacity of your skin increases when you use steam having negative ions.

Ultrasonic steam with no noise

With the help of ultrasonic vaporizer, the machine produces a fine mist. Usually, you can hear a sound when you use normal steamers because they use a metal coil to boil water.  In Pure Daily Care’s case, the ultrasonic vaporizer works almost soundless. This is the reason we kept this device in our nano ionic facial steamer reviews.

Angular spout for full-body steaming

The spout of the device is angular which is often not the case in other similar devices. This design specification helps steaming other parts of your body easily. You can remain comfortable and maintain your usual body posture which is a plus point.

Additional Blackhead extractor Kit

You get 5 surgical-grade blackhead extractor kits with this nano steamer. The manufacturer could have avoided giving this bonus pack. But Pure Daily Care truly cares about its consumers and hence provided this kit to unclog those opened pores without spending additional money.

Super lightweight and easy to clean

If you use any facial steamers, you need to keep them clean. You can easily separate the parts of this nano steamer, so it’s pretty easy to clean. Use vinegar and water mixture to clean the machine on a regular basis.  The device is not only small in size, but also lightweight with just 2 pounds!

Unimaginably Affordable

We really don’t take prices under consideration when giving reviews on skincare tools. But we couldn’t ignore the price in this case. It’s well under 50 bucks. Hardly any device can give you such features and benefits in this budget.


  • Tailor-made for skin care which opens up pores for effective absorption of other skin care products.
  • Steaming for a considerable amount of time approximately 30 minutes. Fewer issues of refilling.
  • Smaller size allows easy carrying and handling.
  • Can control the size of the mist using the controller.
  • The steamer shuts off automatically when reaches a high temperature.
  • Bonus blemish and blackhead extractor items are a great addition.


  • The steam can feel a bit too hot at the beginning.
  • Can’t really control the temperature which is fixed at 212 °F.

Nano ionic facial steamer reviews- our Final verdict

We have also reviewed  PMD Microdermabrasion devices earlier. Those works like wonder. If we compare it to that, nano steamers perform equally well. The best thing is you can use it for multiple purposes. As for the Pure Daily care nano steamer, we are really surprised to see its functionality at such a cheap price. Did we say that we loved the steamer because it’s cheap?  No! Because when we researched similar expensive nano steamers, they had many other flaws or just the same features as this one.

For people who want to remove dirt and even up their skin tone, this nano steamer is totally worth the money.  A good thing is you can use this nano steamer more than 2-3 times a week. There is absolutely no risk associated. If you use other skincare tools that claim to achieve the same results, you will have to restrict the use to only 1-2 uses per week. We can totally agree with the fact that using skincare products after applying steam is most effective. And this device is just where you should get started.

Last few Thoughts…

Our analysis of the nano ionic facial steamer reviews is totally focused on bringing you only the best and most affordable skincare devices that you can use at home. This best-selling device was worth researching, and we believe the more you will use it, the more you will fall in love with it. Before you make the decision to go for the Pure Daily Care nano steamer, you should know that not all skincare devices will suit you! If the intent is purely for taking care of your skin or controlling sinus issues go for it! As a bonus, you will also be able to steam up a small portion of your room!

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