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How Long Before Tanning Should I Apply Lotion

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Tanning is a time schedule matter. We have to do some jobs step by step here. So we should know that how long before tanning should we apply lotion.

We should rub tanning lotion or tanning oil on our body half an hour to one hour before going for tanning under the sun or in a tanning bed. During tanning make sure that all of your body’s area to get the light whether under the sun or inside the sun bed properly.How Long Before Tanning Should I Apply Lotion

Otherwise, the hue of your body may vary. Especially if your bottom & back portions or any part of your body which one touches the bed then you must raise those portions time to time proportionally to get equal tanning effect. Special planning should be there to make sure that your axilla & scruff are evenly tanned.

So it depends on the norm of somebodies skin. Somebody needs very short time to get it done & somebody needs a very long time to get it done. So the answer of how long before tanning should I apply the lotion is somewhat approximate. After several weeks by following the required routine you would not get tanned looking but your velum hue might become more deepened.

After having the velum tanned you should maintain tanning regularly. Do not go for tanning again after a long duration. Otherwise, the tanned skin might become tarnished. On the other contrary if somebody goes there very often then they their skin would look like leather after a certain stage.

People should take at least twenty-four hours interval after coming out from tanning bed last time. Depending on the velum type some saloon may advise you to go again after two days. Now we know that how long before tanning should we apply the lotion.

Having fair line:-

Somebody might get some fairy circles on their backside of their physique. If these fairy circles are random it means that the reason is not getting tanned & it is not good for your body. This may be caused by the fungal infection & the source of fungal is the scalp. This fungus might travel there & could infect that part also. Which one causes to change the color of that place as like as arms or backside areas of the body. Tinea Versicolor is the name of that fungus. Most of the people even do not perceive that they have that fungus on their body. This problem can be easily solved by medicines or by some types of cream. But we cannot carry-out tanning until this fungus are removed from our body or velum.


Tanning cannot pluck up acne. By tanning our velum become parched, so acne may also become like this. But it cannot be removed permanently. But acne would be reduced.

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