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How Does Tanning Lotion Work – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Hi there, in the article, I will walk you through how does tanning lotion work. Let’s figure it out. Earlier 1970’s tanning without sun was very rare. For providing more vitamin-D to the people who need this one German association invented one the machine. Friedrich wolf utilized UV beams to provide rabble the required amount of tanning. In the year of 1978 tanning bed was brought to the USA.How does tanning lotion work

How Does Tanning Lotion Work

At the beginning of the history of tanning so many of us have got the tendency to get our skin tanned by watching the western movies. Just a couple of years before tanning has become so popular among us. To get tanned skin we should use tanning lotion.

Now the question may arise that how does tanning lotion work. Concentrated type of electromagnetic radiation is ultraviolet ray which one is constituted of more than 10% of sunlight but it has got shorter wavelength than discernible light & longer wavelength than X-rays. This one causes over ninety percent of skin cancer.

In such a case it is advisable to use any types of the mean as like as tanning lotion or tanning oil to avoid cancer. UV beams penetrate through the skin results the alteration of skin cells & it is responsible for sun char, early matureness of the skin, spoiling the DNA & causing cancer. Both of the types of UV beams are destructive for velum cells. UVA causes early velum matureness & UVB causes sun char.

UV beams can also harm the functioning of the retina by affecting the rods & cones which are those responsible for the functioning of eyes. It can reduce the power of eyesight very severely even permanently also. Reddening or browning is the symptom of damaged velum. To tan, the most important factor in gaining the precise, furrow free velum first.

Most importantly it should be ensured to flake the velum. Tenacious velum having areas as like as marrow bones, tarsus and carpus would confine more products. In case of this incident that part would be murkier. To forgo this effect pitch fully that portion.

After that wait to get that space parched. Then use that one on the surface. After applying that one again wait for some minutes before wearing something on that place. After applying that one forearm must be cleaned properly.

The external surface of the velum is called epidermis. This one has got late vesicles. Nearly in twenty-four hours the vesicles get expired & remain attached with the physique.

Tanning lotion is very effective to avoid sun char. It does not stay on velum more than the staying time duration of the velum vesicles. To Tan without the sun tanning lotion is the best option.

Whether we carry-out tanning either in sun or inside the tanning bed we should know that how does tanning lotion work. To know this one we must understand the impacts & functions of the components of the tanning lotion.

Essential elements of tanning lotion:-


It’s a type of saccharide which one is formed of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen derived from some sources. It pursuits on epidermal late vesicles. It is the main component which one chemically reacts with an amino acid of the protein of the velum of the epidermis.

The result is brownish velum. Only the epidermal layer of velum is involved in this process.  Viscose reaction among these alters the hue of velum vesicle.


Normally used in cosmetics. Together with acts with DHA (dihydroxyacetone) to increase the total tanning performance.


It is a hydrophobic type of amino acid which one animates the melanin production.

All of these component’s interact with the proteins (which are those formed of amino acid) of the velum. Various types of velum cancers are caused by UV beams. Normally the maximum allowable amount of dihydroxyacetone percentage is fifteen percent.

More amount of DHA increases tanning action more & it is more capable of furrows after being applied. DHA is active in the late vesicles of the epidermal velum.

There is a chemical reaction which one is addressed as Maillard action & by this reaction we can get the generation of melanoidin. This product can consume some sort of lights of having some sorts of waves & causes a brownish surface.

So this action just advances the melanin production. This processor chemical reaction takes some hours to some days to be occurred to alter the velum hue. The DHA is not poisonous. A small percentage of DHA is being consumed by the alive velum vesicle also.

To retain the humidity of the body better to use the moisturizer. Somebody likes to have excessive hue. In such a case they may use bronzer. It may provide you more hue on your physique. There is a number to calculate the grade of hue on the surface. We have to decide according to our choice. Lotions hue depends on the content of the bronzer.

More bronzer gives you more deepened hue. There a variety of lotions. Before starting better to use the minimum or smaller version of that one only for testing. You should apply that one evenly or proportionally on your whole body.

If you use more on somewhere & less on somewhere of your body then it does not look good because all parts of the body will not be glimpsed equally.

Not only has the hue of the lotion but also the scent also got great importance overusing. On the types of velum, a lot of things are dependent. If you get burnt by sunlight or tanning bed then you should not buy the higher grade having lotion.

Nobody likes to smell bad & nobody should go for a bath just after applying lotion also. So we must be conscious whilst buying it. Both of the hue & scent are accountable during buying tanning lotion.

Tanner or bronzer & modifier or intensifier have got the same job to perform but in different ways. Tanner has stains in them to help you to be seen tenebrous during getting tanned.

Melanin generation is being increased just by using the modifier to get the looking of more tanned. So before starting using any types of tanning lotion make sure that these two items are properly balanced.

Tingle lotion:-

This type of lotion increases the generation of melanin by increasing the blood flow inside the velum. Within a short duration of time, it may alter the hue of velum into reddish. Many people feel shivering on their velum during using it.

Bronzer (tanner):-

To accelerate the change of color bronzer is very effective within a very short time. Normally there is a number on the bronzer bottle, the higher the number is the faster the color-changing process. A deep-colored bronzer would give you a deep-colored effect. Try to avoid the contact of the cloth & the bronzer as it may cause tainting on the fabric.

Soothing lotion:-

This one adds one advantage & that is that it allows feeling sooth after being tanned. It allows feel relaxed also.

Glaring lotion:-

The glaring effect is being provided by the glaring lotion. A shiver exposure is obtained by using this one after being tanned. So the glimpsing action also must be considered during using.


This is a perfect example of basic tanning. It consists of a lot of moisturizers. After tanning the velum gets colorless slowly. So to make it more lengthy accelerators can be used very effectively.

So choosing the lotion differs from person to person according to their comfortable feelings & wishes. From all of these descriptions, we should be able to understand that how does tanning lotion work.


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