Best Facial Steamer For Home -Ultimate Guide 2021

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best facial steamerFacial steamers are all over the internet but finding the best facial steamer is not easy. It’s flooded with tons of products to choose from. We made this list of facial steamer reviews to help you out and save your money from investing in faulty ones.

Facial steamers are totally harmless if you choose it properly and they make fighting ageing signs easier. You can also use microdermabrasion devices like PMD, Microderm Glo or Olay regenerist for a similar purpose. Steaming is different because it helps to clear your skin pores in a milder way. 

Depending on your budget and needs you can go for nano-ionic steamers, basic face steamers and those that have more advanced features. So if you are here to boost your skin to become better and healthier, you have already decided that you will buy only the best facial steamer.

This a complete guide for newbie facial steaming enthusiasts and will help you clear all sorts of confusion regarding this product.What’s more? If you are looking for nano steamer review specifically, this post should be helpful to you!

Let’s get started!

Our Top Picks for best facial steamers

Here’s the deal!

Before you read past the reviews, we would likely to recommend you 3 facial steamers which we think works great.

1. Pure Daily Care Nano Ionic 3-in-1 facial steamer review5 stainless steel skin kit

We don’t think this device requires anything new to say about it. It’s the best facial steamer from every angle we can review from. Its sci-fi look is the first thing that captures users, we hardly need to go down to the features to tell you how awesome the Pure Daily Care nano ionic device is.

In almost every nano steamer review, this device ranks at the top and for a good number of reasons.  Say goodbye to blackheads and professional steaming at the spas. Because it’s the best facial steamer for blackheads extraction. This all in 1 device should give you relaxing facial steaming at home for years to come.

You check our full review on Pure Care Dailly nano ionic facial steamer for more details!

Top features that you will love

3-in-1 function- steaming, humidifier and towel warming: It’s rare to find all these features in a single device. We found the facial steaming function to be the most effective out of all the three functions, and that’s the reason you are buying this.

Nano steam for deep skin treatment: The device produces nano steam with negatively charged ion particles. These ionic particles give you a relaxed feeling and also penetrates your skin 10 times more. And when you use your skin care products after the steaming, they get absorbed better.

Large tank means more steaming time: With a 200 ml tank capacity, you can get a steaming session of 30 minutes. If you take into consideration the portability of this device, the tank capacity is quite large.

Awesome extras- 5 piece skin kit for blackhead removal: You also get 5 surgical grade steel tools to remove blackheads when you’re done with steaming. It’s more like a bonus with a great device.

Who needs this device?

If you are someone who has a tight budget, outgoing and still want to take care of your skin, this device is for you! It’s portable and does what it says. Simple and powerful are the best words we can use for this home steamer.


  • Works great as a humidifier along with being the best facial steamer.
  • The compact size makes it super portable.
  • Maximum 30 minutes of steaming session
  • The design and look are outstanding.
  • Prepares skin to better absorb skin care products


  • No options for using essential oils.
  • No automatic shut off feature- great miss for a product of such high quality!

2. Conair True Glow Facial Sauna System review

Let’s get it straight!

The Conair True Glow is the best facial steamer that gives you superior value for your money. Conair True Glow Facial Sauna System reviewNo nano-ionic steam, no ozone bumbo jumbo, yet effective and super functional.This device will help you clean your pores and also have an extra brush for applying your favorite exfoliator. If you ask us to recommend a simple facial steamer that does the job, we will recommend this first!

Make sure that you don’t go too much near the steam. As it can burn or tan your skin. But if you really want to tan your skin, tanning lotion like Maui Babe Browning or Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses can be a good option!

Top features that you will love

Large and small cone for facial and nasal steaming: The large cone is basically for facial steaming. There’s a smaller cone that can help you with sinus issues. But if you want you can use it for steaming your neck.

Electric facial exfoliating device: There is a brush cap and a sponge cap that you can use with this device. It’s a great bonus to have with a facial steamer at this price range. Use the brush cap to exfoliate your skin and then add moisturizers with the sponge cap. Oh! And you can also adjust the rotation speed of the brush.

Auto shut off with a timer: The facial steamer will shut off automatically when there’s no water. The timer will let you know before it’s empty so you can refill fast.

Clean the water tank easily: This is a feature that most streamers don’t have. You can clean the water steaming basin easily, empty it and dry it out.

Who needs this device?

This machine is for those who really want effective facial steaming and also great value for their hard-earned money. When you get this facial steamer along with the brush tool, you will never regret your decision!


  • Simple and trusted by users
  • Use both as a facial steamer and nasal steamer
  • Battery powered brush tool is great for exfoliation
  • Easy to clean
  • Best facial steamer for acne


  • Provides very gentle steam (If you are okay with that, then not an issue)
  • Can’t really vet for the durability (Justified by the price you pay- a couple of months’ use will be sufficient)

3. Ozone hair steamer reviews

The Ozone hair steamer is the best facial and hair steamers that have a professional look and equally useful ozone hair steamer reviewsfunctionalities. This should give you more spa-like experience, unlike other devices in this list which does the job but this is totally unique. Hair steaming + facial steaming + room humidification + towel warming! Looks more like a 4-in-1 device to us! Wonder why manufacturers named it 2-in-1?

Top Features that you will love

Salon-like hair care: Just change the mode and put the hair cap on! You are virtually sitting in a salon at home! This will help to hydrate your hair and recover hair splits!

Facial-spray rod for directing the steam: You can adjust the angle of the facial spray rod, and that makes this device one of a kind!

Automatic shut off function: This would have been a great miss if this function was not included. Shuts off when the water ends. The best part is it gives you a beeping alarm before the water tank is empty so you can refill at ease!

Humidify room and warm towels: Large water tank capacity means you can use as a room humidifier! There’s also a chamber for warming your towels.

Essential oil adding function (much needed): You can put your favorite essential oils on a cotton pad and slip inside the pollen box in the nozzle. Enjoy the super relaxing aromatherapy!

Water tank capacity: Many users have expressed that they get only 10-15 minutes of steaming. Make sure to fill the tank to its maximum level, you will get 30 minutes of steaming easily!

Who needs this device?ozone facial steamer reviews

This device takes home steaming to a new height. So if you are totally into facial steaming and want to get the best out of every session, this device is perfect for you. It’s one of the most complete facial steamers in this list.


  • Multiple functionalities along with nano-ionic steaming
  • The nozzle is adjustable, so steaming your whole body is a lot easier.
  • Use as a room humidifier, towel warmer and a hair steamer
  • Best facial steamer for using essential oils


  • Has durability issues
  • Some customers noted about hot water spills (replace fast if you see this), but overall you can’t get all of these functions in such a low price.

4. Conair Facial Sauna With Timer reviews

You may not like the design of the Conair Facial sauna device. It’s a bit outdated to our liking. But the versatility of this device makes it stand out among our list of best facial steamer reviews.Conair Facial Sauna with Timer

We really appreciate the simplicity and useful functions the manufacturer has provided in this device. It’s not that great as a pure facial steamer, but if you have sinus issues, we recommend getting one of this.

Top Features that you will love

Customize your steaming sessions: There’s a timer installed in the device. So you can customize your steaming sessions from 3-15 minutes according to your preference. This is the USP of this device.

Switches off automatically: We wouldn’t have kept this device in this list if this feature was missing. The device shuts down automatically at 45 minutes after you turn it on.

Special cone for people with sinus issues: There’s a large cone with 6 and a half inches for facial steaming. But the best part is there’s a small cone with 3 and a half inches that will help the steam go easily through your nose. Sinus! Goodbye mate!

Extras- facial exfoliating brush tool: you can use this brush tool to apply your favorite moisturizers.

Who needs this device?

If you suffer from sinus problems and want to do facial steaming as an added bonus, this device is perfect for you! Other devices in this list work just fine for sinus, but this is totally designed for both.


  • Super affordable with no hanky panky features that don’t count
  • Ability to customize your steaming sessions
  • Unique cone design for sinus
  • Has a timer


  • Takes 3 minutes to heat up!
  • No nano-ionic steam (justified by the price and functions)

5. Panasonic nano facial steamer reviews

We can differentiate Panasonic nano facial steamer from the other similar devices in this post just by its beautiful design. panasonic nano facial steamer The flowery detailing near the steam outlet is what caught our minds. Being a nano steamer it will provide what it promises to- rejuvenate your skin thoroughly. It’s extremely simple to use and works as a humidifier as well.

Features that you will love

Super durability: The manufacturer offers 1 years warranty for this device. And it only speaks for the quality and durability of the device at such an affordable price.

Use as a room humidifier: You can use Secura steamer not just for facial steaming but also for humidifying small sections of your room. Though it’s nothing fancy, you can’t expect more in such a budget.

Switches off automatically: This is a function that might save your device when you carelessly forget to turn it off. It’s true. Lots of users have damaged their devices in this way. But if you buy this, you won’t have to worry about such issues.

The obvious- Nano-ionic steam: If you want to use steamers only for facial use, we recommend going only for steamers which produce nano-ionic steam. This device has it and will help you remove all sort of dirt easily.

Who needs this device?

As this device is nothing fancy, it’s basically made for everyday women dealing with wrinkles, heavy makeup and also a tight budget. If you have sinus problems, this would definitely add more value!


  • Irresistibly beautiful design
  • Best facial steamer for new users
  • 2-in-1 use as a small room humidifier


  • Low water tank capacity with just 10 minutes of steaming (15 minutes would be great at this price)

6. Okachi Gliya Nano Ionic Simple Facial Steamer Reviews

Here’s what Okachi Gliya nano steamer is all about:Okachi Gliya Nano Ionic Simple Facial Steamer review It’s a super simple device intended for only facial steaming! It’s attractive design and the ability to provide advanced nano steam make it one of the best facial steamers today. The device is super functional with an auto switch off and a steaming balance system in place.

While most water tanks in facial steamers leave some form of a plastic smell, Okachi Gliya steamer is totally free from that. If we could make an individual post on nano steamer review, we would have ranked this beautiful device in the top 3.

Features that you will love

Convincing Uv light disinfection: This device takes water disinfection to a new level. After the nano steam is produced, it passes through a UV light that sterilizes the water. That’s the reason it’s safe to use.

Consistent steaming with appropriate temperature: The steam that comes out is pretty consistent. This will give you a relaxed feeling without hurting your skin. The temperature will remain the same all the way with 40⁰C (104⁰F).

Packed with safety features: We found 5 safety features in this facial steamer-

  • Free from BPA which means no plastic smell and chance of emitting harmful gases
  • Thermal dissipation design ensures that the device will not heat up during working
  • Water spilling is prevented by an aluminum nozzle
  • The power cable has a security socket design
  • The device turns off automatically when the water level is low

Nano steam boosts the production of collagen: The nano steam is able to penetrate your skin and will increase the production of collagen in your skin. This will help you get rid of wrinkles and aging signs.

Who needs this device?

This device is intended for users who only care about facial steaming. You will not get any bonus features. But this is the beauty of the device: it’s super simple.

Beware: If you have eczema, allergies or if you are pregnant or menstruating, this device is not for you! (manufacturer recommendation)


  • Super portable and easy to carry
  • A double-sided mirror included 
  • Free from the plastic smell
  • The water tank is advanced
  • Heat and the flow of steam is customized for perfect facial steaming


  • The water tank is small with just 80ml capacity. But this is enough for 15 minutes steaming session.

7. ECVISION Nano Ionic Facial steamer with Humidifier Hydration System ReviewsECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer

The ECVISION nano steamer is almost similar to the Kinga nano steamer we reviewed in this post! If you are looking for the best facial steamer for blackheads extraction, this should be on your top 3 list! The only difference is the water tank capacity is a bit lesser.

You also get a bonus 5 piece pore extractor tool. Judging by the price and the functionalities it offers, it’s one of the best steamers for blackhead removal. The design is perfect- makes a great showpiece at home when you are not using it!

Features that you will love

Water sterilization:  There’s a UV sterilization lamp in this as well. This means the hot moist comes out at it’s purest form. Totally beneficial for your skin!

No waiting time: Once you turn it on, it only takes 18 seconds for steam to come out. So unlike other facial steamers, you won’t have to wait 20 or 30 minutes.

Dust cap that protects the outlet: You can leave the steamer outlet open with the dust cap on. So it makes easier to use the next time, and you won’t have to worry about any insects or dust going inside.

Nano-ionic steam: The device name says it all. Nano-ionic steam gets deep in your skin to clean the pores.

Silent operation: The steam is produced by a PTC heating element. This means there will be no sound when you are using this!

Extras- 5 piece tool kit for blackhead extraction: These tools are handy if you want to remove blackheads after a relaxing steaming session.

Who needs this device?

The device is not much portable. So other than that it’s basically made for women who want to take care of their skin at home and save hundreds of dollars every month at the spa.


  • You can control the humidity level
  • Starts producing steam in seconds
  • Clean steam flow
  • Super easy to clean
  • Good for blackhead removal


  • Water tank capacity is low. Not a problem if 12 minutes is enough for you!
  • No automatic switch-off function (Great miss though)

8. Beauty Nymph Spa Home Face Steamer Reviews

If you have been searching for the best steamer reviews, you will almost always come across this beauty nymph facialBeauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer steamer. But most of them fail to really provide clear information on this. Even the information provided by the manufacturer is difficult to understand.

Let’s make it clear!

This a very simple device that will give you steam. Yes, you don’t get nano steam, but it just works fine. The best part about this device is you get two masks, one for the face and the other for the nose and mouth. This is what makes this device unique.

Top features that you will love

The nose and face mask: There’s a small nasal mask that you can fit inside the big facial mask, or without the big mask. If you’re looking to clear up your sinus, just stick your nose and mouth on the smaller mask. And for facial steaming just stick your face over the big mask without the small mask. That’s it!

Control the amount of steam: You have two settings for this. One produces more steam and another less steam. But the temperature will remain the same in both settings.

Extras- blackhead extractor tool and measuring cup: This might not be the best steamer for blackhead extraction, but the addition of 3 extractor tools is really appreciated. Without this, we really would have been disappointed. You also get a measuring cup to measure the water you put in!

Who needs this device?

If you are one of the persons who doesn’t care about mumbo jumbo and just want bare steam out of a device, this device is for you! Apart from facial steaming, this device is well suited for relieving sinus.


  • Simple and does the job
  • Dual-use for face and sinus
  • Blemish tools included
  • Change steam flow as you want
  • Produces steam within a few minutes


  • Only 10-15 minutes of steaming at max. If that’s fine for you, go for it!

9. KINGDOMCARES Nano ionic Portable Face steamer ReviewsKINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer

The Kingdomcares facial steamer is another nano-ionic device that provides good value for money. The temperature and the steaming flow is designed specifically for facial steaming. You can use it as room humidifier too.

We love it because of its look and the handle that helps you to carry it easily around your home.

Top Features that you will love

The UV light and high-tech ozone sterilization: Yes the UV light works, and you will get sterilized steam coming out. But the zone function is questionable! Only professional steamers worth thousands of dollars can have real ozone function.

Auto-shut off feature is a great addition: You forgot to switch it off? No problem! It turns off automatically as soon as the water tank is empty!

Make your room comfortable: The room humidifier is always great to have with these types of devices in such price ranges. When you are using it for facial steaming, leave it running to make your room comfy.

Nano-ionic steaming: Nano-ionic steaming is all about giving you the best form of steam that penetrates deeper in your skin! Lucky this device has it!

Who needs this device?

If you fight every day to get rid of makeup from your face, this is for you! It’s nano-ionic so your skin will clean properly!


  • New users can easily use it
  • Doubles as a room humidifier
  • Appropriate size for carrying easily


  • 8-10 of steaming might not be sufficient for all users!
  • Can’t use right out of the packaging. Need to wash properly before first use.

10. BR Beauty 2-in-1 Professional Ozone Facial Steamer Reviews

The BR Beauty is one of the best professional facial steamers that have a superior ability to produce steam and has a magnifying lamp too! The only and the biggest issue we found is that the product comes with many flaws. We can’t vet for the fact that the company has fixed those issues in 2019.

Among the many flaws, the worst is the device stops working or might experience a short circuit in a few months’ time. For durability, we would give a zero (if this issue hasn’t been solved yet). But for functionalities, we can rate it high as the price is not too much.

Top functions that you will loveBR Beauty Facial Steamer Magnifying

Ozone facial steaming: The ozone function will help sterilize the steam and give you the best steaming experience. However, we are still sceptical about this function.

Magnifying lamp for detailed inspection: The magnifying lamp is strong enough to help you see minute details of your clients’ face (assuming you are a pro).

Adjustable height up to 42”: You can extend the height from 36” to 42”. This is an obvious function for such types of professional steamers.

Automatic shut off: We would have left this device out if this feature was not added.

Rolling wheels for easy movability: 4 rolling wheels to make your life easy.

Who needs this device?

This device is intended for professional use. However, you can still use it at home or help other family members to get steaming sessions.


  • Great professional functions in affordable price
  • Magnifying lamp to keep a hawk-eye on the client’s skin
  • Produces quite a lot of steam
  • Includes timer


  • Only 30 days of warranty- lots of risks involved
  • Flawed parts with several durability issues like lasting only a few months (if production is okay now, looks good to buy)

11. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer Reviews

The Secura S-192 is almost similar to the Kingdombeauty facial steamer in terms of functionalities and the professional look. But we cannot say that it’s the best professional facial steamer in the market. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer review The ultrasonic atomizer produces a very fine mist that your skin and hair can absorb quickly.

The ability to use it for both hair and face makes it close to becoming the best facial steamer. But keeping in mind some little flaws, we will not brag more about it.  One of the flaws is that the hair cap won’t cover your entire head. But taking into consideration the price, you can’t expect more.

Beware: Water might get condensed inside the plastic strap attached to the hair cap. So there is a chance of hot water spill. Drain it after each use and finish the session before the max time.

Top features

Versatility: You get a head cap and facial steam attachment. So you can get a feeling of spa at home.

Large water tank for an extended steaming session: You can get 20 minutes of steaming on every water refill. That’s enough for most users.

Room humidification: This can really help if you want to make your living space more comfortable.

Head cap movability: You can move the hair cap back and forth to adjust to your liking. This is an added advantage that you will find handy.

Ozone functionality (controversial): The device claims that it produces negatively charged oxygen to prevent dandruff. But we don’t think this works much as only professional steamers can afford to include such a feature.

Who needs this device?

This is intended for conscious women who want to take extra care of their hair along with their facial skin. So if you are one of them, go form it!


  • Multiple functionalities from a single device
  • Turns off automatically when water tank is empty
  • Suited for preventing hair splits
  • Produces steam pretty quick


  • The hair cap feels cheap (The price is low, so that justifies it)

12. Red Pro 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer by Kiss Reviews

We kept this device in this list of the best facial steamer only because it has good functionalities. It’s similar to the other hair and facial steaming combo devices here.Kiss-Hair-Facial-Salon-Steamer

But there’s a catch!

It has too much low durability issues. Many users have not been able to use it after 2 or 3 uses. And honestly, we think if you need a hair steaming function along with facial steaming, you can look at other products in this list!

But we will still review is based on its functions only so you can get a clear idea.

Top functions of this device

Comes with a head cap: Nothing to brag about it. The head cap will help you steam your hair.

Automatic shut off: Will shut off automatically after 20 minutes.

Steam comes out at the right proportion: This is the only good feature we think this device has. The steam is powerful enough to moisturize your hair.

Who should avoid this device?

Those who want their device to last a few months and also ignore the stress of returning a flawed product should avoid buying this device.

So, who should buy this? Only those who want to get extra hair care without giving a damn to their dollars!


  • Face steaming and hair steaming function is okay
  • 6 times more moisturizing for hair


  • Hair cap will not fit long hair
  • Water spills out when you use it long enough (if you still buy it, wrap a towel around your neck)
  • Might not last a month (depends on the current quality of products they have)
  • Only 15 minutes of steaming (would have been okay if it was only for facial steaming)

Now It’s time to shed some knowledge on facial steamers!

8 Top Criteria to Choose The Best Facial Steamer (Buying guide)

These are the same criteria that we used to research and build this facial steamer reviews list. If you really want to know if your preferred facial steamer is worth buying, keep these 8 criteria in mind.

1. Water Tank capacity

Usually, a facial steaming session takes 10-20 minutes. The more time you want each session to last, you will be looking at a larger tank capacity in your facial steamer. We recommend going for facial steamers that lasts at least 15 minutes. So if the tank capacity is 90 ml or above, go for that. Avoid others. If you want to use your facial steamer as a room humidifier, you will be needing larger tanks with capacity ranging from 200 ml to 400 ml.

2. Type of steamer: Personal, professional or nano ionic?

If you’re searching for facial steamers, you will come across 3 versions of these devices.

We suggest going for nano ionic facial steamers.

Here’s why?

Personal steamers will just give you simple steam that has no added benefits to use on skin. And you won’t be able to use them as a room humidifier. Professional steamers are great for steaming your whole body in a quick time. It’s just the larger version of a personal steamer with a bigger price tag.

Nano-ionic facial steamers produce a special kind of steam that penetrates deeper into your skin. These steamers are specially designed to get skincare benefits.

So go for nano-ionic steamers if you have a low budget and want the best results for your skin.

3. Heating up time

One of the essential things to look when searching for facial steamer reviews is the time required for the device to heat up. You don’t want to wait too long once you turn the switch on.

So anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes is optimal.

Keep in mind if you want more water tank capacity, you will have to compromise with the heating time.

4. Silent use

When we did the research for this facial steamer reviews, we came across several of them that made a loud noise. The entire process of the facial sauna should be relaxing, and the last thing you want is your machine giving you headaches. If you chose nano ionic facial steamers, you will hardly ever notice any boiling or machine-like sound.

5. Durability

The best facial steamers should last at least a year or more. Anything less than that would be a loss of money.

The devices we put up in our list are all highly durable and uses high-quality plastic in the manufacturing process. Some facial steamers that are sold very cheap often would last for a few months. Avoid those and go for the reputed facial steamer brands that last longer.

6. Automatic shut off feature

To get a feel of a professional spa, you need a device that shuts off automatically once the water runs off.

This is a safety feature that will make sure your device is not damaged from burns.

With this feature, you can also take a quick nap and stop worrying about shutting off the steamer.

7. Warranty period

Most facial steamers come for at least a 1-year warranty. Some manufacturers might even offer a 2-year prolonged warranty. As a rule of thumb go for the one that has the longest warranty. But we don’t think a warranty should stop you from buying a facial steamer that has awesome and useful features. Just make sure it will last a year.

8. Steam sterilizing function with ozone

This is an interesting feature that many manufacturers add to sell their devices at a higher price margin. Although ozone therapy is good for your skin, devices that provide real ozone function has high-quality ozone generator and priced at higher than $1000.

So we don’t think the ozone function is something that will give you more value other than stealing a little bit of money from you.

Additional features that can add value

Some Facial steamers come with bonus features that add value to the overall product. You will find:

Hair steamer attachment: We listed a few facial steamers that you can convert into a hair steamer using a special attachment. We think having such a device at home is essential when you can save a ton from going to the spa.

Essential oil compatibility: You will find a specific spot designated for using essential oils in these devices. You can use this for an aromatherapy session. Just add the essential oil to a pad and keep in that spot. Don’t try to add essential oils to the water as it might damage the device.

Dynamic nozzle: This is a feature we truly love, and it’s something we would pay an extra few bucks if needed. You can change the angle of such nozzles whichever direction you like. The benefit is tremendous as a result. Whether you sit, lie or stand nothing can hamper your steaming session.

Built-in mirror: This will help you to observe your skin as you enjoy the steaming session. But it can be fragile.

Room humidification: Although we don’t think this feature is a priority as you can’t expect superior humidification performance from a steamer at this price. But you can definitely steam up a small region of your home, and that’s great to have as a bonus.

How does facial steamer work?

Facial steamers are portable and small devices that help to generate steam to hydrate skin. Although specifically made for facial use, you can also use them for full-body steaming. Usually, a heating element heats the water and blows steam through a nozzle in facial steamers.

Facial steamers stand out from other steamers because the steam generated is finer and absorbs easily into your skin. That’s the reason it is specially used for skincare purposes. Nano-ionic facial steamers are the best ones that adds negative ions to the steam. This gives added relaxation and helps to get the best out of your moisturizers.

Usage frequency guideline for facial steamers

If you buy facial steamers specifically for removing your day-long makeup, you can use them almost every day.

  • But for regular skincare, we found certain skin types require a different frequency of usage.
  • For normal skin once a week for 12-15 minutes
  • For dry skin once every two weeks for 15-20 minutes
  • And for oily skin twice a week for 12-15 minutes.

But as facial steamers use only water to hydrate your skin, we don’t think you will have to worry much about the usage frequency.

7 Top Benefits of using a facial steamer

  1. Moisturizes skin:

    Facial steaming makes applying beauty products easy because it hydrates your skin. Natural oils in your face get stimulated when you expose your skin to steams from facial steamers. This helps in avoiding dry skin issues.

  2. Anti-ageing:

    One of the main signs of ageing are loose skins and fine lines. Steaming increases blood flow to your skin and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. The more elastin and collagen in your skin, the lesser the signs of ageing.

  3. For removing blackheads:

    The best facial steamers for blackheads removal often come with additional tools to remove blackheads. But in general, all facial steamers makes clearing blackheads easy. This is because your skin becomes soft and the pores get open.

  4. Enhancing skincare product’s benefits:

    As we mentioned earlier that steaming can help to get the best out of your skincare products. The reason is simple as your pores open up, your skin becomes super receptive to nutrients found in your skincare products.

  5. Relaxing:

    If you go for the nano ionic facial steamers, you will get relaxation benefits. This is great for enjoying the spa-like feeling from the comfort of your home.

  6. Low price:

    Most facial steamers come in a low budget. And keeping in mind all the benefits and features your going to get from just a single device, we think having a facial steamer at home is totally necessary.

  7. Minimizes sinus issues:

    People with sinus issues should definitely look forward to buying such a device. As many come with adjustable nozzles, you can relax while inhaling the steam. We also found people using the humidifier setting for a small region of their home and helping their cats clear their nasal discharge. Great isn’t it?

Follow these to Get the most out of your facial steamer

Know your skin type first

While we can argue on the fact that you can use facial steamers for all skin types. Many experts recommend getting to know your skin first. We found some users with sensitive skin develop red areas on their faces when they use facial steamers. But it doesn’t last very long.  People with dry skin issues will find these sort of devices pretty handy, but sometimes the heat can cause more dryness. That’s the reason we recommend only buying the best facial steamers that have optimal temperature suited especially for facial skin.

If you feel facial steamers are not for you, you can try microdermabrasion devices for similar results. We already mentioned few of them at the beginning of this post. Olay Prox and Trophy Skin are the other best microdermabrasion tools we reviewed.

Appropriate distance from the steam nozzle

We have heard stories about users who got skin burns from facial steaming. And the reason is they got too much close to the steam nozzle. Yes, it’s quite normal to think that the hotter the steam, the better it is for the skin. But that’s just a myth. A distance of at least 5 inches between your face and the steam outlet is the best way to go.

You can add essential oils for better results

Facial steamers, in most cases, will come with a separate reservoir to add essential oil. But many users have no idea about it. A few drops of essential oil will make the steam more relaxing and add extra benefits to your skin. Don’t miss out on that. But make sure you are not allergic to the essential oil you will be using.

Use topical products as soon as the steaming session ends

If you are steaming and leaving your face that way, you will hardly get any real benefits other than just getting rid of the blackheads. A nice application of your favourite topical products is what you need to get the most of your facial steamer.

Facial steamer tips from experienced users

  • Users who used facial steamers straight out of the box complained about the plastic smell. But that’s normal. Just put some water and let it run two or three times to kill that plastic smell.
  • Steaming causes lots of skin sweating. So drink lots of water or any fluid before and after the session. The last thing you want is keeping your body hydrated.
  • For dry skin or if you have rosacea just use a skin mask and then apply the steam. This should save you from skin redness.
  • Clean the steamer properly after your session ends. Make sure to dry it as much as possible. Mould growth can take place if you don’t do so.
  • Use only the best skincare products after your steaming session.

Facial steamer FAQs

We have gone through some of these questions in our posts above. But to make it easier for you we compiled this list of FAQ.

How many times should I use the steamer?

You can use it once daily. But that’s only if you need to remove makeup. Other than that once a week is more than enough.

What safety measures do facial steamers follow?

Automatic switch-off feature is common in these devices. And also some of them let you control the temperature. That should be good enough for safety.

What is the ideal distance to maintain from the steam?

Anything between 5-8 inches will save you from burns.

I’m lazy, do I need to clean it?

Yes, if you don’t want bacterias to grow inside your steamer.

I’m still confused, Which facial steamer should I get?

For real users who want real benefits, Nano ionic facial steamers are the best. For users who just need a bit of steam for random purpose, get the regular personal steamers priced anywhere between $10-$15. Anyone with a big budget and a big home with lots of family members should look for larger versions of facial steamers or even professional ones.

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